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Caboose Brewing

Location: Vienna, VA, USA.

Date: 2015

Our Customer

Caboose Brewing

At Caboose, we believe that few things go together as well as a great beer, great food, and some exercise. No, really–when we picked our Vienna location, this is what we had this in mind. You may even have noticed the piles of bikes out back on any given day (or the number of people who make their entire trek to Caboose by walking the W&OD) to demonstrate that we're definitely not the only people who love the triple pairing. That being said, we love having a location where we can have a patio close to the trail and facing the woods, and where the zoning allowed us to manufacture beer in Vienna–but the challenge that this location has presented is that there really is incredibly limited parking.

Thanks to our wonderful customers, Caboose has been successful in spite of this “atypical” location and our limited seating. Listening to our customers, we do realize this location sometimes presents a fair number of challenges. So we want to apologize for that–and say that we're continuously working to improve current situation–but it unfortunately takes time.

Our Solution

Hemp Rope chandelier hanging lighting with VENUSOP’S LED Filament bulbs,

3.5W E26 G45 120V replacement 40w incandescent light,

Results & Benefits

Caboose Brewing has reduced annual operating costs more than $25,000 while establishing a model for energy-efficient lighting renovations at its stores.

The relamping has eliminated more than 2.1 million pounds of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to planting 390 acres of new trees and taking 250 cars off the road.