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LM79 ST19 Vintage LED Filament bulb

LM79 ST19 Vintage LED Filament bulb


What's LM79 ?

Energy Independence and Security Act (E.I.S.A) there are some new terms associated to some different lighting types. With LEDs being one of the slickest lighting options available right now, the terminology and testing associated with them can be a little foggy. Some terms that are now floating around are LM79 and LM80 when we are talking about LEDs.

These are tests to help you figure out if you are making the right choice by going with an LED. The LM79 is designed to help consumers know what they are buying when they make the decision to go with an LED over other energy efficient options. LM79 measures total luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution, electrical power, efficacy (lumens per watt delivered), and color characteristics (chromaticity, CCT, and CRI).

High efficient Vintage Filament LED Edison bulb manufacturer in China,

Venusop Passed LM79 ST64 3.5W E27 LED Filament bulb.